Carme is a small village nestled between mountains in the heart of the old Claramunt domains. Soon, however, it will be linked to the barony of the Òdena Basin.

Despite its relative insignificance, surrounded by the great castles of the barony, the resource of the Carme stream will be the key to the development of a very special manufacture in this town, being able to compete on an equal footing with the town of Igualada: the manufacture of woolen cloths or locks. The arrival of the cotton fabric and the steam, however, will mean the end of the locks, but even today in Carme the footprint of her cloth manufacurers is very present and the irrigation will continue to be a source of wealth …

Rediscover the world of Carme’s parishioners every fourth Saturday of the month, starting at 12:00

Meeting point and start of visits: Carme’s Paraires Interpretation Center (Plaça de l’Alegria, s / n)
From 5, 00€

To be taken into account when preparing the visit

  • Access and circulation: easy, with unevenness.
  • Clothes and shoes: comfortable, shoes without heels. (hat in summer)
  • Architectural barriers: urban route. Slight gradients. Paths